Integrated Logistic Support

We provide Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) Services, on acquisition projects as well as for operational systems.

Our track record…

We have over a period of time performed ILS services for the South African Navy and ARMSCOR Dockyard in Simon’s Town, as well as for Tellumat, RedLinx, De Beers Marine and the Department of Science and Technology.

Our methods…

IQS Solutions has experienced engineers, established methodologies and procedures and relevant tools and templates to assist clients.  IQS Solutions uses a tailored approach which:

  • Integrates the functional design / system engineering with the Logistic Engineering to define and specify cost-effective maintenance and support requirements and solutions
  • Maintains the basic logic or ‘Golden Thread’ of the Logistic Engineering process
  • Focuses on the output from the logistic process (i.e. the deliverables), rather than on the process itself
  • Uses proven database tools (e.g. RamLog) to ensure all data has integrity, is relevant and applicable and is available to clients, including online.

The primary focus of our ILS effort, in full understanding of client operational and support environments and needs, is:

  • The establishment of requirements for an optimum support solution
  • The design, development, manufacture and acquisition of all required logistic deliverables
  • The successful implementation, qualification and testing of the required support systems in the client operational support environment.

Our ILS services include:

  • ILS Management services, including managing the acquisition of major support systems
  • ILS services addressing the identification, specification and data management (ie Logistic Engineering) as well as development, acquisition and implementation of logistic deliverables and systems.

Our tools…

IQS Solutions is a licensed user of  Visit R&M Technologies for detail on

Our deliverables…

Acquisition Phase Deliverables:

  • ILS Management Services
  • Support Concepts
  • Maintenance Concepts
  • Integrated Logistic Support Plans (ILSPs)
  • Integrated Support Plans (ISPs)
  • Design inputs
  • Reliability Models
  • Availability Models
  • Spares Models
  • Life Cycle Cost Models
  • Statements of Work
  • Logistic Support Analysis (LSA)
  • LSA Reports
  • Support System Design
  • Logistic System Implementation
  • Support Qualification and Testing

Operational Phase Deliverables:

  • Logistic Audits
  • Maintenance Management Systems
  • Technical Manuals
  • Training Documentation
  • Supply Chain Optimisation
  • Support Process Development

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